ORCA Applied Engineering Solutions Corp.

Water Treatment Services & Support

Customized Water Solutions

ORCA Applied Engineering Solutions Corp.  undertake research and design of water treatment systems to assist our clients in finding the suitable custom engineered solution for their application. Whether you require water treatment systems for industrial processes, commercial business operations, household applications, we can help you find the ideal water solution!

Water Treatment Systems & Product Consulting

It is our pride to have a competent Engineering Team that are able to provide professional consultation on water treatment systems and products. You can rely on the expertise of the Engineering Team of ORCA Applied Engineering Solutions Corp. that was gained from their academic background, local and international trainings as well as years of  "hands on" water treatment and management.

System Commissioning, Repair & Maintenance,  and/or Troubleshooting

ORCA Applied Engineering Solutions Corp. provide professional technical services for new and/or existing commercial, industrial or residential water treatment systems that needs to be commissioned, repaired, undergo preventive maintenance or troubleshooting.

Other Water Treatment Services

  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning
  • Ultrafiltration Membrane Cleaning
  • Rehabilitation of Existing Water Treatment System 
  • Recharging of Water Filter Media System (Multimedia, Carbon and/or Softener)
  • Reinstallation of New or Existing Water Treatment Systems

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