ORCA Applied Engineering Solutions Corp.

FREE Orientation on How to Start a Drinking Water Refilling Station Business

In every business venture that we want to pursue, it is always important that we first learn the different aspects of the business as well as develop the passion for it. We empower interested individuals/ organizations through our FREE ORIENTATION with the factual information that will help them make an informed decision regarding the Water Refilling Station Business. 

Among the topics that we discuss are the following:

  • Types of Drinking Water - Purified, Mineral, Alkaline
  • Water Treatment Technology/Process Design for each Drinking Water Variety
  • Market Demand for Drinking Water
  • Factors to Consider in the Selection of the Location of the Water Refilling Station
  • Start-up Investment (equipment, location, etc.)
  • Operational Costs and Considerations
  • Potential Income and Return on Investment
  • Step-by-Step Process in Starting a Water Refilling Station Business