ORCA Applied Engineering Solutions Corp.

ORCA Applied Engineering Solutions Corp. is an engineering firm in the Philippines that endeavors to contribute in the improvement of the quality of life by offering a clear and solid solution to the increasing problem on water quality and wastewater systems. Our competence in the research, design, assembly, installation and commissioning of engineered water and wastewater treatment facilities remains our distinctive edge and eventually becomes the advantage of our clients.

Whether you need safe drinking water, require an effective water treatment to eliminate the contaminants in your water supply, or looking for the appropriate wastewater treatment technology for industrial, commercial and residential applications, ORCA Applied Engineering Solutions Corp. provides the solution you need!


altThe specie “Orca“ (Orcinus orca), or previously called "killer whale" is the largest member of the dolphin family. Ironically, though called “killer whale”, orcas are not considered a threat because they do not attack humans. Aside from being the fiercest and strongest marine mammal, the success of orcas in hunting is attributed to their exceptional level of intellect and highly social nature. Orcas work together,  use their own sophisticated communication method and teach each other their hunting techniques.

Orca symbolizes remarkable strength, intelligence and synergy in the marine environment. These are the same qualities that we envision our company, ORCA Applied Engineering Solutions Corp., to have so that we will be able to achieve our purpose of providing specialized water solutions and services.